Valentine’s Day Myth #3: Treats Can’t Get Any Sweeter

Valentine Gift Tags -- Simply Heart worthyWe all know how much kids love to get treats on Valentine’s Day. But they also love to get valentines. So how do you personalize your child’s Valentine’s Day treats without going through the awkward process of taping all the treats to your kids Valentine’s Day cards? We have a simple answer: Valentine’s Day personalized stickers and gift tags.

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Fun ideas for Valentine’s Day

Fun ideas for Valentine's Day
It’s Valentine’s Day! We hope you have a lovely, love-filled day planned. But first, have you thought about doing something special for the most precious people in your life—your partner, your spouse, or your kids? One of our team members always has fun Valentine’s Day ideas, and this year she is going to surprise her family members with handwritten “love notes” they find throughout the day.

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