Thank You Card Ideas in the Workplace

We all know sending a thank you note after an interview is a great way to make a lasting impression on the hiring managers, but once we have the job isn’t it still as important to let your co-workers know how important they are in helping you get your work done? At Pear Tree Greetings, we think so, and the other day my neighbor and I were talking about thank you card ideas, and she had a great example of using them at work. We asked her to share it with you!

Written by Rebecca Glaser: (read more about Rebecca below)

Monogram Note Cards -- Chic Seal
I was raised to always send thank you notes. As soon as I could write, my mom made me write my own thank you letters to grandparents after birthdays and Christmas. My grandmother would even respond to my thank you letters to say thank you for my thank you. Until recently, I thought that tradition had died with her generation.

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5 Common Questions About Wedding Thank You Card Wording

5 Common Wedding Thank You Card Wording Questions Answered
We all know the importance of sending wedding thank you cards to guests who helped celebrate your special day, and what you say in the thank you card is important, too. Here are some answers to 5 common wedding thank you card wording questions, from what to say, to when to mail them out!

1. When addressing my wedding thank you cards, how formal do I have to be?
You can be as formal or informal as you’d like to be. Do what feels natural to you, so it sounds genuine. Also, when addressing the card be sure to acknowledge everyone who attended the wedding. For example, if a family with kids came to celebrate your day, you can address it to “The Miller Family” or list out the name of each family member so that nobody feels left out, and the parents know you appreciated the kids coming as well.

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