10 new ways to say Happy Holidays

Nobody wants to send Christmas cards that sound or look exactly the same as everyone else’s. So why do we settle on the same traditional Christmas card sayings every year? Here are 10 Christmas cards that say Happy Holidays without saying Happy Holidays!

Modern Cheer Christmas cards
Modern Cheer Christmas Cards

Festive Phrase Vertical Photo – Christmas Photo Magnets
Festive Phrase Vertical Photo -- Christmas Photo Magnets

Softly Snowing Christmas cards
Softly Snowing Christmas Cards

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Christmas Card Shopping Myth #1: What You See is What You Get

If you think your card has to look exactly like the one featured on our website, you’re in for a surprise. Watch our video, 5 Cards 20 Ways, to see how the same card can take on a whole new look with colors, filters and a new greeting!

We’re constantly amazed by how creative our shoppers get with their own ideas for Christmas cards. You upload photos that express your personalities in funny or fabulous ways, substitute colors we never would have imagined, and write original greetings that make us smile.

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