Sneak Peek! New holiday card ideas

Maybe you’re not thinking about holiday card ideas quite yet, but our busy little elves have been working on our new collection and we can’t wait to show you! Here’s a sneak peek to put you in the mood. Watch for our new Christmas cards sometime in August.
Read All About It Christmas CardsRead All About It Christmas cards
These photo holiday cards deliver a one-of-a-kind look in an even more unique layout, so if you’re looking to stand out this season, this card was made for you! Favorite photos, a poster-like holiday greeting, unique diamond designs and room for a custom Christmas letter are all folded up and tied with ribbon so loved ones can open it to reveal plenty of Christmas joy. Top off the customization with your choice of colors to accompany the ecru background.

Christmas CardsModern Cheer Christmas cards
The holidays are filled with plenty of cheer, so why not share your cheer with loved ones? These holiday photo cards make the message loud and clear in a unique way with individually cut-out letters spelling Cheer that all string together to hang on a tree or from a mantel. A Polaroid-style photo strung on the end adds personalization, while the back side of the letters holds angled stripes in fun colors of green, aqua, pink and black to add trendy style. Continue reading

Planning a summer vacation? Think Christmas photo ideas!

Whatever you do, the experienced moms at Pear Tree say, don’t forget to bring the camera along on your summer vacation. Not just for the memories, but because those vacation photos may just be the best family photos you get all year. And come November, when you’re looking back over the year’s highlights for something to include in the annual Christmas photo card, you’ll be awfully glad you have them.Christmas in July photos

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Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Featured Favorite

Our Featured Favorite for July is a Christmas card. Yes, you heard that right, it’s Christmas in July. Our forward thinking customer, Jamie, scheduled a family portrait session on the beach during the summer because their family loves boating and being on the water. “We own a sailboat and have many adventures on it!” She loves the way the photos turned out because they “show my boys’ personalities so well.” Finding the right card to showcase her photos was easy. “I wanted a postcard format and loved the look of this Kaleidoscope Vision Christmas Card. I liked the design and colors as well.” The quote on the back was a favorite of hers that tied the photos and boating theme into a beautiful holiday message.

Jamie is quick to admit that she doesn’t get her Christmas cards done this early every year. But, we say, if you have a great summer photo to use, why not get them done in July? “It is one less thing that I have to add to my holiday “to-do” list! Anything to make life a bit simpler!” Of course, Jamie adds, “I won’t send them out until early December. I have a while to address them and buy stamps.” Better not wait. The holidays will be here before you know it.

My Story, My Christmas Card

my christmas cardI love my Christmas card. It is my entire year all wrapped into a beautiful card, simple and elegant. All the details of it are perfect and reflect a subtle story… one that I wanted to share.

It all starts with the picture. I really like the picture of my husband and I. It was taken on my brother’s wedding day this August. The limo had just dropped us off at a bar, and we were toasting to their marriage with a room full of friends. It was the perfect moment. After 6 years of marriage, I think the picture shows we are plainly happy (and absolutely relieved it wasn’t our wedding day so that we can sit back and enjoy). That month we went to three weddings. The summer of weddings as we call it. Sharing in the start of three marriages makes you reflect on how good yours is and all that you’ve learned in the past years. It’s a good picture for that reason. A great picture even.

On the other side of the card, there is a logo for the American Cancer Society. I knew when Pear Tree launched the American Cancer Society Christmas Card collection that I’d pick my holiday card from that collection. Cancer has impacted me on more than one occasion over the years (as I know it has for many). However, this year I lost my uncle to cancer and a good friend lost her dad. Both had fought for a long time. Feeling it so close to home, so deeply, so recently, I knew it was something small I could do in their memory. A small gesture and yet so profoundly meaningful to me.

That’s my story and that’s why I love my holiday card. It is a perfect capture of who I am right now. And I love that I’m sending it in the mail, to those I love, to those I miss, to colleagues, to friends, to those I can’t be with, and just to say “hi, I thought of you, and have a great holiday.”

Happy holidays to you!

Thao T.

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