Thanksgiving Party Ideas: Pie Exchange

What a fun idea for a party! A pie exchange, much like a cookie exchange but held within days of Thanksgiving, gives the guests a pie to take home for their thanksgiving feast. Check out these Thanksgiving party ideas from and you too can host a Thanksgiving Pie Exchange Party.A Piece of the Pie -- Thanksgiving Postcard Continue reading

Let’s Dish about potluck party ideas

Let's Dish -- Potluck InvitationsOur Let’s Dish Potluck Party Invitations were the star of the show at this potluck party! You don’t always think to send an invitation to a potluck, but when you do, your guests know they’ll be expected to bring something, and you’ll have a great starting point for a coordinated look.

The three retro colors in the potluck party invitation were incorporated into all the potluck party ideas, from the centerpieces to the serving tables and even the menu. Little flags on the invitation translated to little flags that told guests where to set their dish on the buffet table. Cupcakes decorated in green, aqua and orange, added to the colorful scene, where more flags became “Yum” cupcake toppers.Let's Dish Potluck Party Ideas Continue reading

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This lucky mom’s surprise 60th birthday party has been chosen as this month’s Featured Favorite, both for the darling decorations as well as the nerve of the two sisters who planned, plotted and pulled it off right under their mother’s nose.

“It was tough to keep it a surprise, especially since it was in her backyard!” says Shea, one of the party-planning sisters. Their plan was to set up the whole party in the back yard, while mom took a nap in the house. “My husband and I live out of state, so we had to have everything prepared ahead of time in order to set up within a 2-hour window that she would be taking a nap. It was a bit hectic, but we managed to pull it off. She was very surprised.”birthday party invitations

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Birthday fun!

My baby turned one on May 25th. Oh, it’s a happy day, but, wow, she is getting so big! My fiancé and I wanted to celebrate her birthday so we threw her a first birthday party and invited all her friends!

Lola has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She loves to cuddle with us and give us sweet kisses at night, and hunt and chase birds during the day. She is such a good girl! Oh yeah, did I tell you Lola is our Springer Spaniel? Yep, that’s right, we had a birthday party for our dog!
lola mae
For her party, I wanted to craft some fun dog birthday party ideas for all her doggy friends to enjoy. It starts with the invitation, and since Lola is a brown and white Springer and wears a pink collar, she inspired the colors of her party. I used Pear Tree’s Color Stream – Retro Party Invitations, and made the background pink and the text brown and ecru.
For her decorations, I bought a pink tablecloth, brown napkins with polka dots in pink and ecru, and light pink and dark pink plates for the human snacks. I ordered extra invitations and cut them to make confetti to spread on top of the table – love confetti! Since this was a dog party, I wanted to have fun with the food choices for the humans. Everyone enjoyed the puppy chow, the ‘Springer’ salad, the delicious milkbone brownies, and doggie do-do (chili cheese dip) with pooper scoopers (Tostitos scoops). I ordered Pear Tree’s You’re Sweet – Valentine Gift Tags to make doggie treat bags to give to her friends that came and celebrated with her. With the few extras, I folded the tags in half to make name cards for the food choices. It was the perfect touch!
To continue with her dog birthday party ideas, we set up a pool with Frisbees, tennis balls, chew toys and tug-of-war toys for her and her friends to enjoy. The dogs had fun chasing, fetching and rough housing with each other, as all of us proud parents watched.
baby girl

Shop our party invitations for your pet or keep reading our blog for other, fun birthday ideas.

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Real cards created by real people like you!

Movie night invitationsWhat if you and your kindergarten girlfriends were invited to Movie Night with your favorite preschool teacher, Mrs. Jones? We bet you’d be jumping up and down and squealing in delight if you saw this party invitation in the mail!

Andrea wanted to do something special for her Kindergarten-aged daughter and her friends. Knowing how much they adored their former preschool teacher, Mrs. Jones, she came up with the idea to host a Movie Night and invite Mrs. Jones as the guest of honor.

She began looking for party invitation ideas and came across our Admit One Movie Night Invitations. “I had searched on line for movie-themed invitations,” says Andrea, “and this was definitely the cutest one! I wanted a special invitation and we found it!”

The plan is to have Mrs. Jones help the girls make pizza and then join them to watch a movie and munch on popcorn. And what is Andrea looking forward to the most? “Giggling kindergarten-aged girls having a blast with their sweet preschool teacher!”

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