60th Birthday Ideas Make Special Memories

Many years ago, I went to a surprise 60th birthday party for one of my favorite colleagues. Her husband put on quite the show. He had videos made of all her friends talking about their favorite memories with Lynn. He had pictures on the walls of her childhood and teenage years, of her kids growing up, of her friends, of her loved ones. She even had 60 roses presented to her by her children. Lynn is an incredibly special person, and I remember saying to myself, right there at her party, that I wanted to make sure my parents had something special for their big day as well.

Both of my parents turned 60 this year, and although I wasn’t able to pull off a huge surprise party, I had a few birthday ideas that made it special. My big idea was to send a card announcing their birthdays to all of their friends and relatives, asking each of them to write back with a favorite memory of my parents.
Photo Birthday Invitations -- Surprise!
My dad’s birthday was first, and I chose our Surprise Photo Birthday Invitations for him, mainly because I didn’t have a lot of childhood pictures of him, and this card featured just one photo. Inside, I wrote about his upcoming big day and asked that people use the enclosed card to write to him about their favorite Carl story. I then enclosed one of our Engraved Distinction Note Cards and an envelope complete with address labels, so the recipients just had to fill out the card and pop it in the mail. I was careful to make sure the note card I chose would fit inside the larger birthday card.
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Super Bowl Party at the Pear Tree Office

The Pear Tree office is gettin’ geared up for the Super Bowl so we decided to throw a Super Bowl party that doubled as a birthday party for our two co-workers, Tyler and Brandon. We got pretty creative and came up with some fun Super Bowl food ideas for you to try at your own party this weekend!
Super bowl
We used our Super Bowl Party Invitation to get the party off to a good start. Then we searched through mnpartystore.com to find some decorations for the big game. We decided on the Football Field Table Cover, and two sets of napkins: First and Ten Football Beverage Napkins and First and Ten Luncheon Napkins.
Super Bowl food ideas
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Thanksgiving Party Ideas: Pie Exchange

What a fun idea for a party! A pie exchange, much like a cookie exchange but held within days of Thanksgiving, gives the guests a pie to take home for their thanksgiving feast. Check out these Thanksgiving party ideas from celebrations.com and you too can host a Thanksgiving Pie Exchange Party.A Piece of the Pie -- Thanksgiving Postcard Continue reading

Let’s Dish about potluck party ideas

Let's Dish -- Potluck InvitationsOur Let’s Dish Potluck Party Invitations were the star of the show at this celebrations.com potluck party! You don’t always think to send an invitation to a potluck, but when you do, your guests know they’ll be expected to bring something, and you’ll have a great starting point for a coordinated look.

The three retro colors in the potluck party invitation were incorporated into all the potluck party ideas, from the centerpieces to the serving tables and even the menu. Little flags on the invitation translated to little flags that told guests where to set their dish on the buffet table. Cupcakes decorated in green, aqua and orange, added to the colorful scene, where more flags became “Yum” cupcake toppers.Let's Dish Potluck Party Ideas Continue reading

Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

This lucky mom’s surprise 60th birthday party has been chosen as this month’s Featured Favorite, both for the darling decorations as well as the nerve of the two sisters who planned, plotted and pulled it off right under their mother’s nose.

“It was tough to keep it a surprise, especially since it was in her backyard!” says Shea, one of the party-planning sisters. Their plan was to set up the whole party in the back yard, while mom took a nap in the house. “My husband and I live out of state, so we had to have everything prepared ahead of time in order to set up within a 2-hour window that she would be taking a nap. It was a bit hectic, but we managed to pull it off. She was very surprised.”birthday party invitations

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