Pear Tree Summer Picnic

We had a blast throwing this fun picnic for our team members and families! There is no better way to spend time with your favorite people than outside on a beautiful day. A trendy striped straw was the inspiration for the Sip Something Cool party invitation as well as the inspiration for our picnic ideas. We used fun and bright colors to make a balloon backdrop for our candy bar (a big hit with the Pear Tree kids) and a fabric backdrop for our photo booth (a big hit with the Pear Tree grownups, as you can see!)

The usual picnic fare of burgers, chips and salads satisfied kids and adults, but the kids especially loved the dessert/candy bar where they could fill a small favor bag with their favorite candies for dessert.
Pear Tree Summer Picnic
Pear Tree Summer Picnic
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Movie Night Birthday Party

My good friend Marni enlisted my help for her daughter’s 5th birthday party. As the mom of two boys, it was so much fun to be involved in the planning of a GIRL party! Since her birthday is in the summer we wanted to find something fun to do outdoors, and we landed on doing an outdoor movie night. Her daughter loves movies, especially at movie theaters, so we wanted to bring that experience to their backyard.

Outdoor Movie Party Ideas - Movie Night Birthday PartyOutdoor Movie Party Ideas - Movie Night Birthday Party
We found the perfect invitation, Glowing Affair Photo Trifold Party Invitations, which gave us the flexibility to change colors, fonts and text so we could make it fit our theme. We changed the main text to read, “IT’S SHOWTIME!” For the photo we had a little mini photo session with the perfect prop, popcorn. Pretty sure Gwyneth had a great time, and it really helped set the stage for the party! Turns out the invitations inspired a lot of our outdoor movie party ideas, including the decorations, colors and activities.

Outdoor Movie Party Ideas - Movie Night Birthday Party
Even before choosing the invitation we knew we wanted lanterns and lights hanging around the yard. Pinterest had LOTS of ideas for this, some not so realistic, but we threw some up here and there, and it definitely added a little element of ‘party’ to the backyard.

Outdoor Movie Party Ideas - Movie Night Birthday Party
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Summer Party Ideas: Try Something New

Most of the time when you think about summer party ideas, you think about food: grilling, eating outdoors, those are the key ingredients. But what if you thought about it in a different way?

One of the moms at Pear Tree wanted to organize an outing for her family reunion, so she came up with a list of activities that they could do as a group that would be something more than the usual picnic. We thought we’d share it, and added a few ideas of our own, in case they sparked some summer party ideas for you!
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  • Go to an amusement park.
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Summer Party Ideas: Party Food

Deciding what’s on the menu is probably the most important part of planning a summer party, but it’s also a big part of the fun. Sometimes your food choice determines the entire theme of your party and sometimes it plays a side role, but it’s always the key to a good time! Whether you’re looking for simple grilling ideas or are out to impress, your party food should include plenty of cool refreshments, in keeping with the season. Here are some of our favorite summer party ideas for outdoor parties, from grilling ideas to fun finger foods.
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Summer Party Ideas: Any Idea is a Good Idea

Dandelion picking party? Wading pool christening party? Frisbee golf tournament? There are no bad ideas when it comes to summer party ideas, especially if you live in Minnesota, as most of our staff does. Here, warm weather is celebrated whenever it occurs, like it’s a holiday. We have BBQ’s and pool parties and picnics at the lake. We skip out of work early on Fridays, and we stop to pick up party food and beverages on the way home. As long as you have something to grill, you have a party.
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