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New Year's cardsIt’s hard to pick a Featured Favorite in December because we see so many great cards at this time of year. But this humorous New Year’s card caught our eye, especially because the order came through well before Christmas. Turns out that Stacie, the card’s creator, settled on sending these New Year’s cards while looking for holiday card ideas, because the dress-up lips and mustache were just the touch of vintage silliness she was looking for.

Our Dressed Up for the New Year photo cards offer the option to put a silly mustache or lips on your photos. Stacie said she had never considered New Year’s cards when looking for her holiday card ideas before, but loved this concept when she saw it. “We had a really tough year,” she explains. “For us, the focus is on next year being much less stressful!” That would also explain her choice of text on the card: “2012 Resolution: Less stress. More silly.” Good luck with your resolution, Stacie. We think you’re off to a good start!

See our entire collection of New Year’s cards and holiday photo cards to get your own silly ideas. Or keep reading our blog for more New Year’s ideas.

Don’t worry, there’s still time to send a New Year’s card!

New Year's CardsToday is December 21st. Perhaps it’s time to admit that I just might not make my December 23rd deadline for sending Christmas cards. Considering the fact that I haven’t purchased them yet, that seems to be the wisest course of action.

I am not ready to admit total defeat, however. There is still time to send New Year’s cards. A holiday greeting is a holiday greeting, right? So what if the holiday isn’t Christmas? Minor detail. Besides, you can have more fun and be more creative with New Year’s card ideas!

For one thing, you don’t have to stick to red and green (not my favorite colors anyway). And New Year’s card ideas are all nonsectarian, which makes them perfectly okay to send to anyone—business associates, neighbors and all. You can pick a timeline card and include all the highlights of the year, or pick one great photo and have fun designing your message around it.

I am going to check out Pear Tree’s Top 10 New Years card ideas to get started. I will also make a New Year’s resolution to get my holiday cards done in July next year. For more New Year’s ideas, keep reading our blog. Or start personalizing your New Year’s cards right away!

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