Pretty in Purple Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Give your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah celebration the royal treatment, like this Pretty in Purple Bat Mitzvah featured at With our Linear Star of David Bat Mitzvah invitations as inspiration, purple became the theme for all of these Bat Mitzvah party ideas, including modern decorations and even the menu!

Linear Star of David in Purple -- Bat Mitzvah InvitesTables were set with solid purple tablecloths, and purple and white runners provided textural interest to the display. Gold place settings became the perfect accent to the royal purple, dotted with purple confetti. Centerpieces of purple phlox and white roses carried the color scheme through, and were spiked with gold metallic leaves for accent. Gold leaves and white linen napkins were tucked into the water goblets.

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Real cards created by real people like you!

Movie night invitationsWhat if you and your kindergarten girlfriends were invited to Movie Night with your favorite preschool teacher, Mrs. Jones? We bet you’d be jumping up and down and squealing in delight if you saw this party invitation in the mail!

Andrea wanted to do something special for her Kindergarten-aged daughter and her friends. Knowing how much they adored their former preschool teacher, Mrs. Jones, she came up with the idea to host a Movie Night and invite Mrs. Jones as the guest of honor.

She began looking for party invitation ideas and came across our Admit One Movie Night Invitations. “I had searched on line for movie-themed invitations,” says Andrea, “and this was definitely the cutest one! I wanted a special invitation and we found it!”

The plan is to have Mrs. Jones help the girls make pizza and then join them to watch a movie and munch on popcorn. And what is Andrea looking forward to the most? “Giggling kindergarten-aged girls having a blast with their sweet preschool teacher!”

Kid’s Monster Birthday Party

Monster Birthday Party InvitationI started thinking about kids’ birthday party ideas shortly after I discovered Pinterest — so, essentially, last Fall. My two sons’ birthdays are relatively close, March 15th and April 10th, so I thought I’d do everyone a favor, myself included, and throw a joint party. I knew our product design team was going to be creating a Monster Birthday Party Invitation and after some initial searches for monster party ideas, the theme was set. One would think that since I had the theme picked out nearly six months in advance, I’d have plenty of time to scrap, craft, create, make, etc., right? When did I actually start? That crazy lady running around on lunch break the day before the party starting to purchase supplies? Yep, that was me. :)
Kid's Monster Birthday Party
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Plan a Classroom Potluck

Kindergarten PotluckSeveral of us, here at Pear Tree, have spent time volunteering at our kids’ schools, whether in the classroom or as a member of our parent teacher organization. One of the most demanding but rewarding jobs is that of the room parent, in charge of organizing volunteers and coming up with classroom party ideas. Having been a room parent for several years in my boys’ classrooms, I learned that the key to having a smooth year is to get the other parents in the classroom committed to helping you early and often.

At our school, one of the best ways to make this happen was to host a beginning-of-the-year potluck. Both parents and kids should be invited–here we’ve shown a kids birthday invitation, re-purposed for a potluck get-together. The potluck can be held at the school or at a parent’s house, inside or outside, even a nearby park, if picnic tables are available and the weather cooperates. All you need are a few tables and chairs, and everyone brings their favorite dish to share (or you can assign them).

Name tags are essential, to help parents and teachers put names to faces. The teacher is always grateful for the opportunity to meet families in a casual setting. As the room parent, this was my chance to enlist helpers for all of the various classroom needs and events planned throughout the year. I typed all the volunteer opportunities on a sign-up sheet, and had it prominently displayed at the potluck. And I always went home with every position filled. A little peer pressure goes a long way, when parents see others helping out. But more importantly, classroom party ideas like this potluck fostered a spirit of camaraderie that carried throughout the school year. If you’re looking for a fun way to kick off the year and get parents involved, send out the party invitations, bring a sign-up sheet and go, girl!

For more fun kids ideas, keep reading our blog. Or shop now for party invitations that will get your classroom parties off on the right foot.

Fun BBQ Party Ideas for Kids

How often do the kids get to have a summer BBQ party all their own? took our BBQ party invitation and went all-out creating an All Things BBQ themed party  just for kids, featuring kid-friendly BBQ party ideas, from the food to the decorations and fun activities for a hot summer day.

They chose our All Things BBQ Party Invitations from our collection of party invitations as their inspiration for the BBQ theme party because the playful graphics set a fun tone and the colors appeal to both boys and girls. While they kept the guest list to kids only, the invitation would be fantastic for any backyard BBQ.

BBQ partyA make-your own hamburger bar was the main attraction at this outdoor BBQ party. Small barbecue themed bowls were filled with condiments so the kids could build their own burgers. Food portions were kept small for little hands. Serving sliders instead of man-sized burgers was perfect for smaller appetites and allowed the kids to create more than one if they liked. Watermelon slices and corn on the cob were served on skewers for easy grabbing.

Mason jars made fun lemonade glasses, and a portable grill was set on the table as a decorative centerpiece. It became the perfect serving tray for the dessert: burger cupcakes!

These BBQ party ideas are just a few of the fun kids ideas you’ll find on our blog. Be sure to shop our party invitations and kids birthday invitations for more party themes!

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