Happy Halloween from Pear Tree Greetings’ Office!

In honor of Halloween, the Pear Tree Greetings’ team hosted a Halloween treat day at the office. All team members were asked to search on Pinterest to find an ooey-gooey treat to share. See the Halloween food ideas we created, and let us know which spooky treat looks best!Spooky and fun Halloween food ideas from #peartreegreetings! #Halloween #Halloweenfoodideas
Top Left: Brandon’s Eyeball Guacamole; Top Right: Dani’s Bloody Jello; Bottom Left: Tyler’s Witches Broomsticks; Bottom Right: Brianna’s Spider Dip
Spooky and fun Halloween food ideas from #peartreegreetings! #Halloween #Halloweenfoodideas
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Pumpkin carving party ideas

I like to carve pumpkins for Halloween—so much so, that when my kids were younger, I’d let all three of them carve their own pumpkins and then I’d buy an extra one for myself so that I could carve my own. That’s four pumpkins-worth of slimy, stringy, orange-y goop getting flung around my kitchen. I’ve always thought that if you’re going to make a mess, you might as well go all the way.

But that’s nothing. One of my team members here at Pear Tree has a neighbor who throws a pumpkin carving party every year for the whole neighborhood. They clean out their heated garage, put up some orange lights and Halloween decorations, and line the floor with a plastic tarp. (Wish I’d thought of that.) They provide the kid-friendly carving tools, but it’s BYOP—Bring Your Own Pumpkin.

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Mommy Cards go Trick or Treating

Mommy cards are helpful when moving to a new neighborhood!
A customer of ours moved to a new neighborhood in the fall. She had her mommy cards, complete with contact info and her child’s photo already made (her first wise move), but proved she was a genius when she came up with the brilliant idea of taking them along Trick-or-Treating with her child on Halloween. After all, what other time of year is it acceptable to ring every doorbell in the neighborhood and introduce yourself? When she met someone she wanted to connect with, such as a family with kids her own child’s age or, better yet, a potential babysitter, rather than engage in a long conversation (not possible with a giant ladybug tugging at your sleeve to move on) she dropped off a mommy calling card. It was a great way to say, “I’d like to get to know you.” Kudos to you, Mommy. Our customers are the smartest!

In addition to mommy cards, be sure to check out our Halloween photo cards and Halloween invitations. And for more Halloween ideas, keep reading our blog.

Great Halloween Ideas – One Family’s Tradition

Make sending Halloween photo cards your tradition! #halloweenideas #halloween #peartreegreetings Make sending Halloween photo cards your tradition! #halloweenideas #halloween #peartreegreetings
I have discovered a holiday that offers great photo ops for kids and have claimed it for my own—Halloween. Ever since my son was born, I have managed to keep the tradition of sending Halloween photo cards every year. I seem to have a bit more time then, before the end-of-the-year activities accelerate into high gear. My family and friends enjoy, and now expect, my personalized Halloween card the week before Halloween.

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Neighborhood Halloween Idea

My husband and I have only been in our neighborhood for a little over a year. We love it! We’ve been invited to Easter egg hunts, pumpkin carving parties and more. Last night we were officially ‘ghosted’. My husband went to open the door after the door bell rang only to find a ghost taped to our window and a basket of Halloween treats on the door step. We received specific instructions on how to then ‘ghost’ any house in the neighborhood that doesn’t have a ghost on the window, with the goal of having the entire neighborhood ghosted by Halloween. One of the best Halloween ideas we’ve seen!

Halloween Tradiation

Halloween Tradiation

Halloween Tradiation

Does your neighborhood have any traditions or Halloween ideas like this? We’d love to hear about them! Or if you want to see exactly what our instruction sheet said comment on this post and I’ll send you a copy!

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