Graduation Party Ideas on a Budget

Looking for ways to throw a graduation party without blowing the budget? Here are some money saving graduation party ideas that will help you plan a budget-friendly party your grad will love.

Our budget: $500
Rough cost breakdown:
20% for Invitations/Thank You Cards/Stamps
50% for Food
15% for Beverages
15% Location/Decorations

General cost-saving tips
Your biggest expenses will be for food, followed by graduation invitations and graduation thank you cards. Because these costs are dependent upon how many people you invite, you can control how much you spend by adjusting the number of people you invite.

  • Create a guest list and stick to it.
  • Invite only close friends and family. It’s not necessary to invite the entire graduating class. Your grad may prefer a smaller affair anyway.
  • If you want to invite classmates, give your grad a limit of how many friends they can invite. And it goes without saying, avoid posting the party on Facebook.
  • Use cost-saving shopping clubs such as Sam’s Club for bulk purchases like paper plates, menu ingredients and beverages.
  • Share costs with another family by throwing a joint party with one of your grad’s friends.

Invitations/Thank You Cards/Stamps
While invitations and thank you cards are a necessity, they don’t have to cost a mint.
Graduation Party Ideas on a Budget #peartreegreetings #graduation Graduation Party Ideas on a Budget #peartreegreetings #graduation

  • Pear Tree’s photo paper graduation announcements and invitations start at just 30 cents each.
  • Remember, your guest list may include 75 people, but you only need to send one invite per household. And classmates do not expect invitations in the mail. You only need to send them to the adults on your list.
  • Create your own thank you cards. Using our DIY cards for templates you can customize them with a photo of your grad, or a great photo from the party, and make your own thank you cards!
  • Hand deliver as many invites as you can to save on postage.
  • Send announcements instead of party invitations to those who probably wouldn’t come to the party anyway, but whom you don’t want to exclude. This won’t cut down on printing costs, but it will cut down on party costs.
  • For more invitation ideas see our graduation checklist: order invitations.

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{ENDED} Get FREE Graduation Announcements – Become a Senior Rep Today!

Get FREE Graduation Announcements!! #seniorrepprogram #peartreegreetings #graduationideas
Are you a senior and interested in receiving free graduation announcements from Pear Tree Greetings? We are introducing our first-ever Senior Rep Program and excited for you to become a part of it! Why become a senior rep? This program is a great way for you to:

  • Get free graduation announcements by letting your classmates know about all the exciting products Pear Tree has to offer grads. (i.e. make mom happy!)
  • This program offers you the opportunity to earn more money towards our site (i.e. make mom even happier!)
  • Make your graduation party a hit with family and friends from invitations to party decorations to personalized yard signs! Throw the graduation party everyone will be talking about! (i.e. you’re a rock star!)

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Our Most Unique Graduation Announcement Ideas: Golden Pears

Want your graduation announcements to stand out from the rest of the class? Look for the Golden Pears! Our most unique graduation announcement ideas are marked with a little Golden Pear, and when you see them you’ll know why!

Ribbon Booklets
Our Most Unique Graduation Announcement Ideas: Golden Pears #peartreegreetings #graduationideas #graduationinvitations Our Most Unique Graduation Announcement Ideas: Golden Pears #peartreegreetings #graduationideas #graduationinvitations
These 4-panel designs are folded up like a booklet and tied with a ribbon for friends and family to unfold. Filled with lots of photos and personalization options, they let you tell your story in your own way.

Real Foil-Stamped Announcements
Our Most Unique Graduation Announcement Ideas: Golden Pears #peartreegreetings #graduationideas #graduationinvitations Our Most Unique Graduation Announcement Ideas: Golden Pears #peartreegreetings #graduationideas #graduationinvitations
These graduation announcements let your personality shine! Real foil in gold or silver is stamped on the cards for the look of formal graduation announcements without all the pomp and circumstance.

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What’s new in Graduation Announcements?

See the latest trends in graduation announcements in Pear Tree’s 2014 collection! If you want the hottest looks, from vintage to real foil stamped announcements, you’ll find them here.

Vintage Graduation Announcements
What's new in Graduation Announcements? #peartreegreetings #graduationannouncements #graduationideas What's new in Graduation Announcements? #peartreegreetings #graduationannouncements #graduationideas
Backgrounds of kraft paper and chalkboard, Polaroid-style frames, and color-washed photos bring vintage touches to your graduation announcements so you can tell your story in a unique way.

Modern Graduation Announcements
What's new in Graduation Announcements? #peartreegreetings #graduationannouncements #graduationideas What's new in Graduation Announcements? #peartreegreetings #graduationannouncements #graduationideas
These fresh and contemporary graduation announcements leave tradition in the dust with bright colors, bold fonts and graphic layouts. Throw tradition out the window and choose a modern look.

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What’s Hot This Month – February

Here’s a look at the top five products others are buying at Pear Tree Greetings this month!

1. Showers Ahead Bridal Shower Invitations

2. Modern Message Wedding Invitations

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