Graduation Advice

Graduation AdviceOur high school graduate-to-be is enjoying his senior year a little too much. Classes are almost over, the college decision has been made. No point in studying now, right? All grown up, yet in so many ways, still so young. His bags are all but packed, and I am not ready to see him go. Like every parent, I am proud of my child’s achievements and anxious to see him succeed, but worried about what I might have missed. There is so much parenting left to be done, so much I have to tell him before he goes. Luckily I have the whole summer.

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Graduation Advice: What Every High School Graduate Needs to Know

Laura, a longtime fan of Pear Tree Greetings, shares her experiences with us as she
prepares for her oldest child to graduate from high school.

This year, the anticipation of spring brings more than green grass and vibrant flowers. It also means that my first-born is leaving the house for the next big adventure: college. Have I taught her life essentials? Does she know not to mix colors and whites in her laundry? Will she remember to set her alarm? Eat her vegetables?

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