Early Holiday Excitement

Christmas TreeOver the weekend I spent some time getting the kids’ winter gear out and came across what I affectionately refer to as “The Stash.” Perhaps you also have a Stash, a hidden collection of things you buy ahead of time to make sure you are prepared for anything and everything. The Stash holds last-minute hostess gifts, clothes you bought on sale for the kids at the end of last season in a larger size, photo frames that you are sure you will one day use, extra wrapping paper, ribbon and Christmas gift tags, toys for the 47 birthday parties your kids will attend next year, extra crafts and puzzles for a rainy day, etc.

While surveying The Stash this weekend, I got a glimpse of my holiday ornament boxes sitting nearby. I couldn’t resist. I took a peak to see what’s in store for the traditional weekend-after-Thanksgiving tree trimming and got excited for the holidays. Yes, it means a lot of work and planning, but I truly love that time of year and all the joy it brings – family, friends, food and being together. I can’t wait. It’s time to start thinking about my Christmas photo cards—or maybe I’ll send Thanksgiving cards this year. I’m grateful to The Stash for bringing me to this happy place.

Holiday Recycling Ideas

Our recycled Christmas cards and holiday photo cards offer the perfect way to celebrate this festive season without making an impact on the environment. In addition to sending recycled Christmas cards, you can recycle the holiday cards you receive to double the eco-friendly fun.

While you’ll probably want to keep the Christmas photo cards you receive because of the special photographs included or holiday cards that contain a special letter or message, you might not choose to keep some of the cards you receive. There are a number of holiday recycling ideas with our holiday cards, including sending them to your local recycling center, but if you’d like to have a little fun with those cards first, consider the following ideas.

Decorate Your Tree – Holiday cards are beautiful and they feature images that look great on a Christmas tree. Cut out the images you like, punch a small hole at the very top, and thread an ornament hanger or a piece of string through for a fun Christmas tree ornament.

Gift Tags – You can also use those cut out images from holiday cards as gift tags for next year’s gifts. Just thread the hole with a piece of gift ribbon, write the recipient’s name on the back of the image, attach it to your gift, and you have a gorgeous Christmas gift tag.

Scrapbooking – If you’re a scrapbooker, you probably already know that images from Christmas cards are excellent for use in your Christmas scrapbook.

Jigsaw Puzzle – Just cut up those cards, put them in a pile, and make a game of seeing how long it takes to reassemble them.

Packing Confetti – Christmas cards and a document shredder or pair of scissors make for some excellent packing confetti. Shred the cards you don’t plan to keep and then pack the confetti in bags to use as packing material for shipping next year’s Christmas gifts.

Do you have any other ideas on how to recycle the holiday cards you receive this year? We’d love to hear about them!

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