My Story, My Christmas Card

my christmas cardI love my Christmas card. It is my entire year all wrapped into a beautiful card, simple and elegant. All the details of it are perfect and reflect a subtle story… one that I wanted to share.

It all starts with the picture. I really like the picture of my husband and I. It was taken on my brother’s wedding day this August. The limo had just dropped us off at a bar, and we were toasting to their marriage with a room full of friends. It was the perfect moment. After 6 years of marriage, I think the picture shows we are plainly happy (and absolutely relieved it wasn’t our wedding day so that we can sit back and enjoy). That month we went to three weddings. The summer of weddings as we call it. Sharing in the start of three marriages makes you reflect on how good yours is and all that you’ve learned in the past years. It’s a good picture for that reason. A great picture even.

On the other side of the card, there is a logo for the American Cancer Society. I knew when Pear Tree launched the American Cancer Society Christmas Card collection that I’d pick my holiday card from that collection. Cancer has impacted me on more than one occasion over the years (as I know it has for many). However, this year I lost my uncle to cancer and a good friend lost her dad. Both had fought for a long time. Feeling it so close to home, so deeply, so recently, I knew it was something small I could do in their memory. A small gesture and yet so profoundly meaningful to me.

That’s my story and that’s why I love my holiday card. It is a perfect capture of who I am right now. And I love that I’m sending it in the mail, to those I love, to those I miss, to colleagues, to friends, to those I can’t be with, and just to say “hi, I thought of you, and have a great holiday.”

Happy holidays to you!

Thao T.

Product Feature: Photo Pockets – You Insert Photo

If you haven’t already noticed, Pear Tree Greetings offers some pretty cool, new photo cards, some of these being our Photo Pockets – You Insert Photo line. These holiday cards are a new twist on the old ‘photo insert cards’ where you just taped your photo to the front of a card, framing your photo with some colored border or pattern. Not that those are bad…but these are just cooler :)

How they work:

You will receive a pocket, your personalized insert piece and a matching seal with your order. (don’t forget…you provide the photo!) You’ll fold and slide the personalized piece into the pocket, attach your photo to the center of the pocket, close, seal, insert into the provided envelopes and you’re set! You are about to mail the coolest ‘photo insert’ anyone has seen.

My favorite:

Tickles Your Fancy Photo Card - Mocha

Still want to make these ‘your own’? Here are a few ideas on how to add even more of a personal touch.

  • Tie a coordinating ribbon around your photo before taping it down, tying a little knot with the two ends, and placing the knot a little off-center.
  • Once you have the pocket sealed up, tie a ribbon around it and tie a bow, then insert into your envelope. Place the seal that was included with your order onto the back flap of the envelope.
  • If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them! Email me!
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