Bridal Shower Ideas: Recipe for Love

One of our favorite bridal shower ideas is the recipe theme, where guests bring their favorite recipes, along with gifts for the kitchen, to help out the new cooks. The handwritten recipes give the shower a personal touch and are a lasting gift the couple will treasure. planned a recipe shower using our Ingredients for Love recipe bridal shower invitations as inspiration. The simple one-sided invitation comes with a matching recipe card that has a place for your recipe on one side and a cute gingham pattern on the back, where you can also put the bride’s name and shower date as a memento. The gingham pattern led to a retro theme that tied all of their bridal shower ideas together.
Recipe Bridal Shower Invitations -- Ingredients for Love
Colorful flowers in classic aluminum cans set the tone for the retro table décor, along with canisters of kitchen utensils—a budget friendly idea you can create from your own supply! (Alternatively, you can purchase them, and give them to the bride as a gift when the party’s over.) The classic grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch fare took on a chic party feel when they cut them into mini bites. They kept the mini-food theme going with sliders and mini desserts, too.
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Bright ideas for a Bridal Shower

This bridal shower for my cousin was one of the simplest, but most colorful parties I’ve ever planned. The theme was decided by our choice of invitations, Pear Tree’s Multi Stripes Bridal Shower Invitations. The fun and bright colors, especially on the back, were so fun to play with, and they became the inspiration for most of our bridal shower ideas. The bride’s favorite colors were lavender and dark purple, so we used those as our primary colors and brought in many other colors from the invitation as accents.
Bridal Shower Invitations -- Multi Stripes
Our original goal was to host this party outside, but weather prevented us from doing so. Still, our garden party in the living room turned out great! (Always good to have a backup plan!)

The plan for the décor was simple: use bright colors everywhere! We utilized lanterns, tissue-paper poms, fresh flowers and vases in many, many colors! We also scattered Pear Tree’s coordinating Multi Stripes Bridal Shower Decorations onto the guest tables and used it to create hanging garland behind our dessert table.
Bridal Shower Ideas
Bridal Shower Ideas
Our dessert table became another bright focal point for the décor. We served cookie dough cake pops and cake, both of which were divine. To dress the table up, we used more Multi Stripes Table Décor right on the table, as well as sewn into a garland hanging behind the table, and we added even more color with some brightly painted bud vases. To dress up our cake we attached purple flowers to the tops of skewers and paper straws—so simple and easy but so adorable! Don’t worry, we did serve food other than dessert. :)
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Rustic + Elegant Bridal Shower Ideas

When it came time to planning bridal shower ideas for my future sister-in-law, Katie, it seemed natural to incorporate her wedding theme into the shower. And so, the planning for a ‘rustic elegance’ bridal shower was born.

For the invite, I chose Pear Tree’s Showers Ahead Bridal Shower Invitations. I loved everything about it, and it was an added bonus that it was a ‘You-Pick-Color’ invite that allowed me to incorporate the wedding colors of coral and gray into the invitation. I dressed up the invite by mailing it in a gray envelope which gave it a little ‘pop’ in the mail. The tri-colored return address label also doubled as a seal for the envelope.
Bridal Shower Invitations -- Showers Ahead
When it came to décor, I determined that having one main focal point would maximize the visual impact. I pushed my dining room table up against one wall, which allowed me to create a backdrop out of burlap, purchased by the yard from Hobby Lobby. (Tip, most fabric stores have coupons that allow you to save up to 50% off of one single piece of fabric.) I purchased one larger piece of burlap and cut into two sheets to create the effect I was going for. To get the burlap to hang like I wanted, I hot glued a hem at the top of the two panels of burlap. I then strung them up with jute and secured them to the wall using 3M strips.
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Ingredients for Love

My fiancé and I got engaged in January, and we are finding out that wedding planning is a lot of fun. It’s also a lot of work and coordination, so it’s a good thing I had a head start. As an employee at Pear Tree Greetings, I have to admit that I’ve been eyeing our wedding invitations and thinking about bridal shower ideas for quite some time. Wouldn’t you, if you were in my shoes?

Bridal showers are usually hosted by a friend or relative of the bride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help guide them in the direction you’d like for your bridal shower. For me it was an easy choice. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been doomed to be a terrible cook. In my Easy-Bake-Oven days I was confusing baking soda with baking powder. Since then, it hasn’t gotten any better – confectioner’s sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, why are there so many sugars? And don’t even get me started on the different oils. That is why this Ingredients for Love Recipe Bridal Shower Invitation is not only my favorite, it will actually be very useful for me. Each invitation comes with a blank recipe card for guests to fill out and bring to the shower. Perfect.
Recipe Bridal Shower Invitations -- Ingredients for Love
Aside from collecting lots of new recipes, these bridal shower invitations are also the inspiration for the party decorations and food. The bright pink and orange colors are perfect for a springtime bridal shower. Cover the tables in pink and orange linens to brighten the room, and bring in bright pink balloons to decorate throughout the room and orange poms to hang from the ceiling. Pink flowers in clear vases are also a perfect touch to accent each table. Top off the party with fresh fruit skewers, a tasty pasta salad and cupcakes for all to enjoy.
Check out our Pinterest board (and other Pear Tree boards) for more bridal shower ideas, shop for bridal shower invitations at Pear Tree, or continue reading our blog for lots more wedding ideas. Happy planning!

Bridal Shower Invitations

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