5 Common Questions About Wedding Thank You Card Wording

5 Common Wedding Thank You Card Wording Questions Answered
We all know the importance of sending wedding thank you cards to guests who helped celebrate your special day, and what you say in the thank you card is important, too. Here are some answers to 5 common wedding thank you card wording questions, from what to say, to when to mail them out!

1. When addressing my wedding thank you cards, how formal do I have to be?
You can be as formal or informal as you’d like to be. Do what feels natural to you, so it sounds genuine. Also, when addressing the card be sure to acknowledge everyone who attended the wedding. For example, if a family with kids came to celebrate your day, you can address it to “The Miller Family” or list out the name of each family member so that nobody feels left out, and the parents know you appreciated the kids coming as well.

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His+Hers=Ours: 3 months and counting…

IMG_4454We are now at the 3-month mark until our wedding! The past couple months have been very productive and, definitely, a learning adventure. Here are a few things we’ve crossed off our list, and some helpful tips and wedding ideas to go with them.

1. Food. We have been looking at the list of food options that our reception hall offers for over a year, drooling every time we looked at it. And finally, it was time to do our food tasting! We picked four different items from the menu and tried those first. They were good, but it wasn’t until we were eating that we figured out what was important to us. We realized we didn’t want to serve something at our wedding that you could order at any restaurant in town. We wanted something a little more memorable. Tip: Before making the decision on what you’d like to taste test, ask the caterer what their top entrees are in your price range and talk over what you think would be the biggest crowd pleaser. We did that for our second tasting and wow! Ah-mazing! We are now very confident with our food choice.
Wedding Ideas

2. Invitations. Wedding invitations are such a big deal. This is the only communication piece between you and all your guests, so it better be clear and informative. You do not want guests calling friends or family members (or worse, you!) to get the time of the ceremony or address of the reception hall. Better to err on the side of giving too much information than not enough. Tip: If you can’t fit all the information within your wedding invitation ensemble, direct them to your wedding website for additional information.
Striped Wedding Invitations -- I Do Stripes Wedding Invitations -- Modern Mix

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What Are Save the Date Cards?

Save the Date Cards -- Pop Up to Perfection Save the Date Magnets -- Gett'n Hitched Photo
We hear this question a lot, along with “Does everybody send them?” and “Who do I send them to?” Save the date cards are certainly not required, but they have become very popular in recent years. They are especially helpful if you’re inviting a lot of out-of-town guests or planning a destination wedding, and they are sent to everyone on your guest list about six months in advance of the wedding. Even if you’re not getting married in Bora Bora, save the dates can be used to accomplish several things:

What’s Hot This Month – April

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