Top 3 Maid of Honor Tips: It’s the Forethought that Counts

Top 3 Maid of Honor Tips: It’s the Forethought that Counts
As anybody who has been through it could attest, being a maid of honor is a singularly unique experience. There’s this moment—you know, when the bride-to-be pops the question—when the full reality comes seeping in as you process it and everything it means. When my sister asked me, tears immediately filled my eyes as I realized what she really was asking: be my rock. From that moment on, I made a promise to her and myself to make the process as smooth as possible. No sweat, right? For anyone else who might find herself in the same situation and on the verge of a full-on freak-out (don’t worry!), here are a few wedding tips I put together based on my experience.

Not So Lonely At the Top
My first piece of advice? Take advantage of extra available help. Don’t be shy. At the very least, it may help you relax and be confident. There is nothing that says you have to go this alone. After I accepted my duties as maid of honor and realized just how big of a deal it really was, I looked for help. One of my co-workers was recently married, so I turned to her for advice on what she expected from her right-hand woman, issues or concerns that arose during the entire process, and for her favorite gift resources. Also, in this wonderfully technological society we live in, you can utilize the internet for just about everything. There are numerous wedding help sites, apps, and communities online that can answer any question you may have in minutes. Don’t be afraid to utilize any sort of support community you may have — the more the merrier.

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Kelsey & Andy: Will you be my Bridesmaid?

After my fiancé and I got engaged I couldn’t wait to ask my best girlfriends to share in my excitement and be a part of our special day. All eight of the girls in my wedding have been incredible friends to me, and we’ve remained close despite the fact that I live several states away from all of them.

Because I couldn’t ask my friends to be my bridesmaids in person, I wanted to send them something very personal instead. I decided to create care packages for the girls and incorporate some little bridesmaid gifts and fun wedding details to get them excited.

Will you be my Bridesmaid?
My fiancé and I really love to travel together and explore new places, and the beginning of our relationship was long-distance so we decided a vintage, travel-themed wedding would be perfect for us. We already use vintage suitcases as decorations in our living room that will work well as wedding décor, so I thought sending mini suitcases with my invitation and a few fun bridesmaid gifts inside would be perfect. I found a mini suitcase set in pink and aqua, which happened to be two of our wedding colors, and were small enough to be easily mailed.

Will you be my Bridesmaid?
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Top 5 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Our new bridal shower decorations are chic, modern and versatile to use when planning a bridal shower for the soon to be Mrs. We put together our top 5 bridal shower decoration ideas using different versions of the table decor and gift tags from Pear Tree Greetings! But we’re always coming up with new ways to use these products, so don’t be surprised if we have a new ‘Top 5′ every week!

1. Centerpiece. This idea is featured in our Waffle Bar Couples Bridal Shower where the host used our Simple Strands Bridal Shower Decorations and paired it with these beautiful, yellow & white flowers to make this centerpiece idea. Very easy to do and makes a lasting impression on your guests.
Top 5 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

2. Spruce up the Treats. Favors for guests aren’t expected at bridal showers, but it is a nice touch. This inexpensive idea was used in our Rustic Bridal Shower where the host baked cookies and attached these adorable Showers Ahead Favor Tags Bridal Shower Decorations. It’s a fun, added decoration that all guests can enjoy.
Top 5 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

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His+Hers=Ours: Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette party time! Oww oww :) My amazing bridal party had my bachelorette party a few weeks ago and was it a BLAST! I was spoiled with all the fun bachelorette party ideas they came up with.

wine tasting
can coolers
I didn’t know any details about the day (loved this part!) so when I arrived at my Matron of Honor, Brooke’s, house they showed me the invite, Chic Style Party Invitations, so I could see what would be doing – wine tasting + party bus! (Yes!) We started at 4pm and the girls had everything set up perfectly. There was mini wine tasting and everyone had to rank their favorite in order. It was a great way to get the party started and people chatting. She also had can coolers with the saying “Dani’s Final Fling – Last fling before the Ring” along with the date of the party for each person along with a little bottle of Kinky in it. Then, for the bridal party and me, she had wine glasses made with each of our names on it. Since, we were going on a party bus, they were plastic with a cover so they wouldn’t spill on our beautiful outfits. Genius.

The wine tasting was our first party game and whoever had the same taste as me won a bottle of wine. (Turns out my neighbor and I like the same wine… hmm, noted! :) ) Then, we played an undies game where each person was instructed on the bachelorette party invitation to bring a pair of underwear that reflects their personality. Wow, I was not good at that game, but it was lots of fun with tons of laughter. The last game we played was a quiz about how well Scott and my party guests know me. Before the party, Brooke asked both Scott and myself the same questions about me, and at the party Brooke asked the guests the same questions. If the guests’ answers were the same as what both Scott and I answered, they got three points, if it was the same as my answer, two points and same as Scott’s answer one point. If their answer didn’t match either of us, they got zero points. It was a blast and hilarious! My mom and my cousin (also a bridesmaid) I believe were the winners of that game :)

As we were getting on the party bus, we were given beads, leis and suckers to sell at the bars that we would be going to after the wineries. The ladies worked their magic and sold everything by the end of the night! Scott and I were given that money and put it towards our honeymoon.

all of us
It was such a fun day and I am so lucky to have so many amazing ladies in my life who made that day truly special. It was full of ideas for all to enjoy and a day we will all remember.

Read more bachelorette party ideas on our blog, including our post on 5 bachelorette party ideas to inspire you or start shopping for your bachelorette party invitations.

Bachelorette Party Invitations

His+Hers=Ours: 24 days to go!

24 days till our wedding day! Feels like just yesterday we were enjoying the views of Duluth, MN during our engagement weekend. But here we are, and all the details are coming together so I wanted to give you a few of my wedding ideas and tips we’ve learned over the past two months since my last His+Hers=Ours post.

Wedding dress alterations. I made an appointment with the boutique where I bought my wedding dress to get it altered nearly three months before our wedding date. When I got to my appointment, the seamstress came in and before doing anything I wanted an estimate of how much it would cost. She looked at it and priced it out at $500 for alterations!! I nearly fainted. I wasn’t sure how much alterations were supposed to cost, but $500 is not what I was expecting. I called my MOH and she advised me to leave the boutique. I did and my fiancé’s mom found a lady who makes wedding dresses that could do my alterations. I met with her and she is perfect. Tip: be sure to ask the cost before getting into anything & know your MOH is always there to help you :)

Wedding Reply Cards -- Fairy Tale Floral
Response cards
. Tip: When creating your wedding invitations and personalizing your ‘reply by’ date on your response cards, be sure to do it two weeks before you need to provide your number to your reception hall or caterer. This will give you enough time to call, text, email the guests who haven’t responded.   Continue reading

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