What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving NotelettesIf you are lucky enough to have a warm home to go to this Thanksgiving, filled with the mouthwatering smell of roasting turkey and the happy chatter of family and friends, then you have plenty of reasons to be thankful. It’s easy to get swept up in the hubbub of cooking and decorating, not to mention family tensions, and lose sight of what’s most important on this uniquely American holiday.

Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions, such as helping out at a food shelf or participating in a fun activity like an annual touch football game, but when everyone finally settles around the table we all share one thing: our thanks. Some families appoint one person to say grace, others join hands in a prayer or a song. Still other families go around the table and ask each person to share something they’re thankful for.

Having been put on the spot a few times, some of us at Pear Tree thought it would be a nice idea to create note cards especially for this purpose. Several of our little mini note cards have been (or can be) personalized to ask the question “What are you thankful for?” with a blank area beneath the message or inside the card to write your answer. You can also use simple thank you cards for this purpose. We love Thanksgiving traditions like these, for lots of reasons.

First it’s a meaningful activity for both kids and adults. The notes can be filled out in advance and read aloud, or passed around the table. You can even make a game out of guessing who wrote each one. Best of all, they can be kept! Send each guest home with their note as a remembrance, or give them to the hostess or the eldest member of the family. Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings, and these little notes are a tangible reminder that we have a lot to be thankful for. It may even replace your old Thanksgiving traditions.

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How to thank your Thanksgiving hostess

thank you cardsIf you’ve ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner for a group, large or small, you know how much planning, cleaning, shopping, prepping, baking, chopping, and basting goes into pulling it off. You are happy to make the effort because a successful Thanksgiving is not as much about the food as it is about being with your loved ones, catching up on family news, playing games, watching football, and sharing the family traditions you’ve established over the years.

On those occasions when we are not hosting but attending as an invited guest, however, it’s important not to take your hostess’s efforts for granted, no matter how calm she appears or how many years she has “done” Thanksgiving. Aside from offering to bring something to the gathering and lending a hand while you’re there, there are other ways to show your thanks, from Thanksgiving gift ideas to following up with a handwritten thank you note.

Personalized note cards or notepads make wonderful Thanksgiving gift ideas, especially if she can use them throughout the holiday season for her own hostess gifts. Cooking utensils, hot pads or towels, infused vinegars or oils, even potted herbs for the windowsil make her feel like the chef she is.

Want to really make her smile? Write a note. Every hostess loves to hear that her gathering was as successful as she’d hoped it would be. And a thank you card is doubly appreciated if the hostess is someone you speak to often, such as your mom, your sister, or your best friend. Often we neglect such social niceties with our closest relatives and friends, and those are the people who will most appreciate your unexpected words of thanks. If you’re lucky, she just might share her recipe for that delicious pecan pie in return.

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A tradition of giving thanks

a tradition of giving thanksSome of the most thoughtful ideas we hear from our customers have to do with thanking others around the holidays. One mom we know encourages each child to choose an extended family member and write a thank you card to express their appreciation for that person, or for something they did that meant a lot to the child.

Sure, there will be notes like “Thank you for the Legos you gave me last Christmas,” but thank you ideas have to start somewhere. If expressing thanks is something you want your child to learn, it takes practice. You can work thank you ideas into your family events, holiday traditions, and relationships with teachers and friends at school.

The best part is that thank you cards always appreciated. Within this family, a thank you card from one of the kids always generated a note back in response, so the child would experience the joy of hearing how much others care about them, as well as the simple pleasure of getting a personal note in the mail.

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Thank you to those serving our country

thank you for servingWe’re always looking for Thanksgiving ideas that add meaning to the celebration, and this idea is near the top of the list! If you know someone serving in the military, or someone who has family serving in the military, Thanksgiving can be a difficult time of year. It is an all-American holiday, a day that brings families together to celebrate the freedom and abundance we enjoy in this country—in stark contrast to the conditions our military members endure in war-torn countries overseas. What better way to give meaning to your Thanksgiving celebration than to reach out and thank these men and women for their sacrifice?

We encourage you to join us in getting out your personalized note cards and writing a few words of thanks to let a military service member know we appreciate the work they are doing and the sacrifice they are making. And when we sit down to our Thanksgiving meal with our loved ones, we will spend a moment thanking those who are serving their country far from home. For more Thanksgiving ideas, keep reading our blog.

Our favorite hostess gift ideas

Hostess GiftsA hostess gift is a little something you bring along to a party to give to the hostess when you arrive. It is not required, but is a lovely gesture that says, “Thanks for having this gathering and inviting me—I know how much work it is!” So what do you bring?

Some of our favorite go-to hostess gift ideas are a bottle of wine, her favorite coffee, a bouquet of her favorite flowers, cooking herbs, flavored oils or vinegars for the cook, seasonal dish towels or fingertip towels, the sequel to a book she loved, pretty soaps, candles, and chocolates. We also love personalized hostess gift ideas such as personalized note cards, or notepads for the hostess. Okay, maybe we’re a little biased, but wait until you hear this idea.

One of our team members ordered several styles of note cards in fun colors she loved. Then she mixed and matched the colors and styles to make several little packets of note cards, tying them in bundles with a ribbon. Not only have they been a big hit, but now she always has a gift ready whenever she needs one. Because that’s the other thing about a hostess gift—you never have one when you need one.

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