What’s Hot This Month – September

Here’s a look at the top five items others are buying at Pear Tree Greetings this month!

1. Sweetly Scripted – Calligraphy Address Labels
Sweetly Scripted -- Calligraphy Address Labels

2. Modern Message – Custom Printed Napkins
Modern Message -- Custom Printed Napkins Continue reading

Moving Tips from Pear Tree Peeps on the Move

Moving boxes

We have several team members who have moved recently, and wanted to get their moving tips and ideas for making the process go smoother. We also asked them to show us their moving announcements! Here are their best moving tips.

“Cords, cords, cords”
Michelle, product designer at Pear Tree, lived with her husband and his roommate for TWO WHOLE YEARS after they got married and before they had a place of their own to move into. Michelle admits they waited that long “to find the perfect fit, knowing we didn’t want to go through the painful moving process more than once!” She was so excited & happy to move into her newly built home, which explains why her most important words of advice are, “LOVE where you move – to avoid future moving! :)Continue reading

Holiday card staff picks: Dani, the new homeowner

We’re profiling team members at Pear Tree Greetings to show you which unique Christmas card ideas they chose and how they personalized them.

Holiday Moving Announcement

About Dani: I recently moved into a new house with my fiance, Scott, and our 5-month old puppy, Lola. We are excited to share the news of this new step in our lives with family and friends.

Card she chose: Cozy House – Holiday Moving Announcement

Why did you choose this card?
I was looking for cute moving announcements that could double as Christmas cards. This one is perfect to say happy holidays from our home to yours, while giving people our new address in a welcoming way. It looks like a Christmas card, but technically I found it in our moving announcements collection.

Did you do anything special to personalize it?
Not too much! I liked the Christmas colors and wintery theme of the illustration. Other than changing the text to say ‘Happy Holidays from our home to yours’ and adding our new address, I didn’t change a thing!

Like Dani’s unique Christmas card ideas? Find your perfect holiday card with our Holiday Cards MatchFinder.

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Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Moving announcementsMoving to Colorado was a big change for the winners of this month’s Featured Favorite. Debby, our creative customer, wanted her family’s moving announcements to have a little more meaning than a change of address. She liked our Paint Swatch – Photo We’ve Moved Card, but they hadn’t painted their new house. “I wanted the card to have some meaning and I’m really into storytelling,” says Debby. “It hit me that what’s important to us is the ‘color’ of Colorado because it’s so new.”

She played with the paint swatches until she found the three she wanted: green for the grassy back yard they’d never had before, soft green for the foliage on the mountains nearby, and silvery gray for snow. Then she hit on the idea of numbering the swatches the way they are numbered in a store. “Conveniently, Denver is called 5280 because of the elevation, so that made my day! I wasn’t sure everyone would get that because I didn’t know that until I moved here, but I knew some would.”

Debby says, “I was happy with the way it turned out and that I could share our moving experience with more than just, ‘Here’s a pic of our house and new address.’ And it will always be a keepsake for us, reminding us of this new chapter in our lives.” We agree that it’s a keeper, Debby!

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