4th of July Party Ideas

It’s like you can you smell the charcoal burning already. The 4th of July will be here before you know it and we wanted to share with you some of our favorite 4th of July party ideas that you could incorporate into this year’s gathering.

Start with a bright and colorful party invitation to set the mood and excitement for your guests. Pear Tree has a variety of party invitations for that work perfect for the 4th of July. And, remember, you can change colors on lots of our invites to be red, white and blue, just look for the color wheel next to the product image.
Here are some of @peartreegreet favorite 4th of July party ideas! #4thofJuly #partyideas #4thofJulyinvitations Here are some of @peartreegreet favorite 4th of July party ideas! #4thofJuly #partyideas #4thofJulyinvitations
Here are some of @peartreegreet favorite 4th of July party ideas! #4thofJuly #partyideas #4thofJulyinvitations Here are some of @peartreegreet favorite 4th of July party ideas! #4thofJuly #partyideas #4thofJulyinvitations

There are lots of festive 4th of July party decoration ideas. These are some of our favorites that are pretty simple for you to do, but add the perfect touch! You can learn more about these ideas by reading: Vintage Celebration and Picnic by the Lake or download our free 4th of July party printables!Here are some of @peartreegreet favorite 4th of July party ideas! #4thofJuly #partyideas #4thofJulyprintable Here are some of @peartreegreet favorite 4th of July party ideas! #4thofJuly #partyideas #4thofJulyprintable Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is Monday and so Pear Tree decided to have a St. Patrick’s Day themed treat day in the office. All the food was delicious and it was fun coming up with the ideas.

St. Patrick's Day Food Ideas - Rainbow Bright #peartreegreetingsKelsey made the rainbow fruit tray with a cloud (fruit dip) and a pot of gold coins (Rolos) at the end of it. Colorful, fun and tasty!

St. Patrick's Day Food Ideas #peartreegreetingsOn the left is the always-necessary-at-any-treat-day guacamole from David and on the right is a green salad with bacon bits from Christy. Perfecto.

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Three Awesome Kids Christmas Party Ideas

Looking for kids Christmas party ideas that don’t involve Santa or gifts? Here are three party ideas that will keep little hands busy.

Cookie baking or decorating party
Three Awesome Kids Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas baking is a lot more fun when you have a lot of hands helping. Why not invite your kids’ friends over for a party to help? They can help decorate gingerbread houses or cut-out cookies that you bake ahead of time, such as gingerbread or sugar cookie cut-outs. Or you can have a cookie baking party and let the kids help you make any kind of cookies you like!

Our Gleeful Gingerbread Kids Christmas Party Invitations or our Gingerbread Lane Kids Christmas Party Invitations are the perfect choice for this Christmas party idea!

Before the party begins, have all of your ingredients whether for baking or decorating ready to go, and set up several stations with supplies so the kids each have a place to work. Things may get messy when the kids dig in to help, but that’s half the fun. And, of course, each guest gets to take home a sampling of cookies.

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3 Christmas Party Ideas

We have put together 3 of our most popular Christmas party ideas. These themes can be really fun for both guests and hosts. Let us know which is your favorite or what type of themed party you are hosting this year by commenting below.

1. Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Idea
Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Ideas
Use our Particular Pattern Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Invitations to set the stage for this party. Overuse the colors red and green and make sure you have lots of old patterns and fabric throughout the party to reinforce that ugly sweater theme. This is a delightfully tacky party that everyone enjoys. You can even have a contest for people to vote on the ugliest sweater. See more ugly sweater Christmas party ideas on our Pinterest board.
Images by: ohmy-creative.com; celebrations.com

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Christmas-themed treat day at Pear Tree’s office

We are excited to share that we have a new Pear Tree team member, Kelsey! She will be working with our amazing product design team, Angela, Michelle and Brandon. To welcome her to the team today, we had a Christmas-themed treat day. We put our creativity to the test and made some of the cutest holiday treats. Enjoy our Christmas party food ideas!
Christmas office party ideas
Left: Christy’s wreath-shaped pigs and a blanket; Middle: Michelle’s shrimp skewers; Right: Tyler’s Christmas plant roll-ups
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