Pumpkin carving party ideas

Pumpkin Carving Party IdeasI like to carve pumpkins for Halloween—so much so, that when my kids were younger, I’d let all three of them carve their own pumpkins and then I’d buy an extra one for myself so that I could carve my own. That’s four pumpkins-worth of slimy, stringy, orange-y goop getting flung around my kitchen. I’ve always thought that if you’re going to make a mess, you might as well go all the way.

But that’s nothing. One of my team members here at Pear Tree has a neighbor who throws a pumpkin carving party every year for the whole neighborhood. They clean out their heated garage, put up some orange lights and Halloween decorations, and line the floor with a plastic tarp. (Wish I’d thought of that.) They provide the kid-friendly carving tools, but it’s BYOP—Bring Your Own Pumpkin.

What a fun, let’s-get-messy party that must be—and how grateful the guests must be that it’s in somebody else’s house! As if that’s not enough, these generous neighbors serve chili, hot cider, and snacks for those who aren’t carving or need a break. Then, before everyone goes home, they put candles in all the pumpkins and turn out the lights in the garage to admire their spooky creations. Ooooooo!

It’s not hard to throw a pumpkin carving party of your own, as long as you have the space and don’t mind the clean-up. (Just think. If you roasted all the pumpkin seeds you’d have enough to last a year!) You can make it a potluck if you don’t feel like cooking, or keep it simple with snacks and beverages.

Check out our pumpkin-themed Halloween invitations to get your party started, complete with matching Halloween address labels. And if you have any fun pumpkin carving party ideas of your own to share, we’d love to hear them! Keep reading our blog for more Halloween party ideas.

Go batty with Halloween party ideas

Batty Eyes invitationEveryone loves a good Halloween Party and they’ll be thrilled to come to yours when they see this Bat Eyes Beware Halloween invitation in the mail. Our friends at celebrations.com used our Halloween invitation to inspire these bat theme Halloween party ideas that are family friendly, “frightfully fun and not overdone.” The invitation (and we have several Halloween invitations to choose from) inspired the Halloween party ideas, from bat decorations to fang-embellished cupcakes to vampire mocktails.

At the table, spooky bat shapes and bat eyes decorated the placemats, drink glasses and serving trays. Black napkins and black & white polka dots added to the décor, with yellow and orange candycorn used as accent colors.Halloween Party decorations

Marshmallow fangs and beady cherry eyes turned red velvet cupcakes into vampires for dessert. And for beverages, guests could choose their potion: either blood-red mocktails made from crushed jolly ranchers, cherry 7-Up and red Twizzlers, or a black-licorice infused version. But it wouldn’t be a party without blindfolds and jello, now would it? Fun activities like the classic Mummy Wrap game and the Lucky Dip game for kids made the party a huge hit.

Check out Pear Tree’s collection of Halloween Invitations and Halloween personalized stickers for decorating ideas, or keep reading our blog for more Halloween party ideas.

Warning: Greasy Guts Salad may be harmful to your health

Halloween gift tagsIt’s never too early to start planning your spooktacular Halloween party, and it’s hard to say what is my favorite part. I love going over the top with decorations and pouring over Halloween invitations to find just the right one. Then there are the Halloween party food ideas. That’s where your creativity can really blossom. Really, it’s just about being gross, something that comes easily to me!

I start by making a list of basic needs: beverage, main dish, salad, dessert. Then I find recipes that are easy to make for a crowd and try to come up with a creative name for them. If I run out of ideas, a quick Internet search turns up hundreds of fun Halloween party food ideas.

Swamp juice (lime flavored punch with gummy worms hanging over the edge of the bowl), Greasy Guts (spaghetti salad), Cryogenic Eyeballs (frozen grapes on a stick), Gravedigger Cupcakes (frosting topped with cookie crumbs)—see, it’s easy! Just let your imagination run wild.

But what fun is coming up with these cool names if I’m the only one who knows them? This year, I’m going to use some of our creepy Eye Got You personalized stickers to label my creations and let everyone see what a genius I am. I’ll order them blank and use them to call attention to my popsicle stick labels. EYE-catching!

Conveniently, I can order matching Halloween invitations and Halloween address labels at Pear Tree. And, just like that, my whole party is planned. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Keep reading our blog for more Halloween party ideas.

Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Halloween invitationsWhat do you do for a little boy’s October birthday? Are there Halloween birthday ideas that aren’t Halloween-y? Three-year-old Alexander is at the perfect age for a trip to a pumpkin farm, complete with a petting zoo, corn maze, jumping castle and lots of other great fall activities for kids.

“We aren’t doing a ‘Halloween’ theme—more like a ‘Pumpkin’ theme,” says Alex’s mom, Heather, who was looking for Halloween birthday ideas that weren’t too “Halloweenish.” She chose Pear Tree’s Line-up of Pumpkins Halloween Birthday Invitation because “the colors are NOT black and orange! Purple and orange are much better for a birthday party and gender neutral. I didn’t want black and orange.”

Alex and his friends will be enjoying pizza and pumpkin-shaped cupcakes, and Heather will be decorating the table with green, orange and purple colors “with the inspiration being the invitation.” Pumpkin-themed food, decorations and plenty of kid-friendly activities make for a fall birthday that is sure to bring plenty of smiles, just like the happy pumpkins on our Halloween invitation!

See our entire collection of Halloween invitations for more birthday ideas, or keep reading for more Halloween party ideas on our blog.

Fall photo ideas for creative cards

Fall photo ideasFrom picking apples, to carving pumpkins, to the annual Thanksgiving touch football game, our customers had some very creative ways to capture the season in a photo card. Here are some of our favorite fall photo ideas:

  • Photos of the kids in full costume at the pumpkin patch for Halloween photo cards
  • Photos on the annual hayride
  • Before and after photos of the pumpkin carving session at the kitchen table
  • Landscape photos of beautiful fall foliage
  • Beautiful collages of close-up photos of leaves
  • Photos of the kids eating caramel apples is a great candid fall photo idea
  • A photo of your family at a place you traditionally go during the fall, like a tailgate or a traditional football game
  • A photo of a local fall event in your hometown such as an apple fest, Oktoberfest or carnival
  • A photo of your children’s artwork. These make wonderful personalized note cards for your kids to share with family and friends.
  • A photo collage of the family making a fall recipe. You can personalize a Christmas recipe card to share with family and friends

These fall photo ideas can all be used to create wonderful Halloween photo cards, or even Christmas cards! Keep reading our blog for more Halloween ideas.

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