Pear Tree Poll: Best New Mom Gift Ideas

Baby gift ideasNew moms have so many reasons to be thankful, starting with each of the ten little fingers and toes on their new arrivals, and extending to the friends and family who so generously showered them with gifts. When these new moms sit down to write thank you notes, their appreciation is heartfelt.

With several new babies arriving in the Pear Tree family this past year, we wanted to find out what new mom gift ideas they most appreciated during that exciting, but exhausting time in their lives. Here are their favorites: Continue reading

Tipping and gifting those who make our lives easier

Notelettes for tippingSpreading holiday cheer to those who perform important services for us all year long is what Christmas is all about. Giving a gift to your child’s teacher or day care provider may be obvious, but there are plenty of other people, including the mail carrier, school bus driver, newspaper delivery guy, doorman and garbage collector who shouldn’t be forgotten, and these thank you ideas are sure to please.

Everyone appreciates a little recognition or extra tip around Christmas time. It’s a simple gesture, but one that means a lot, to tuck a little cash inside a mini note card or holiday thank you card. In lieu of cash, enclose a gift card to a local store, restaurant or coffee shop. A teacher might appreciate a gift of personalized stationery, supplies for the classroom or a gift card to a book store.

Thank you ideas don’t have to be extravagant—it really is the thought that counts—but your thoughtfulness creates goodwill that lasts far into the new year. Brighten someone’s day with a little green, and see if that warm feeling doesn’t brighten your own holidays.

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Pet Peeve: Cards that cost as much as the gift

Notelettes for giftsThere are many kinds of gifts, some extravagant, some simple, some thoughtful, some obligatory. This time of year we bring gifts wherever we go, and the expense can really add up—especially when the gift wrap and a card cost almost as much as the gift itself!

Gone are the days of attaching a card to every gift. These days, if I buy a card, the card IS the gift, usually with cash or a gift card tucked inside. But sometimes I do want to write a special message to accompany a gift—when I won’t be there to hand it to the recipient in person, for example. For these occasions, I look for inexpensive but tasteful gift card ideas, and have found that our mini note cards are perfect for this.

Mini note cards are about the size of a business card or gift card from a store. They are too small to be mailed, but are perfect for tucking into a bouquet of flowers, attaching to a bottle of wine, or taping to a gift like a gift tag. These personalized cards gives you just enough room to express your thanks or good wishes without doubling the cost of your gift. And sometimes that’s all you need.

See our collection of mini note cards for gift card ideas for every occasion. And for more useful gift ideas, keep reading our blog.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The most thoughtful gift ideas are the ones with a personal touch, the ones that say, “I thought about you, and I know you’ll love this!” What’s more personal than personalized stationery? It’s a gift that only they can use, chosen with care and imprinted with their name or initials.

This Christmas I decided to give personalized note cards to all the women in my family: sisters, sisters-in-law, mother and mother-in-law. In choosing the designs, I carefully considered each woman: her style, her personality, her needs – and found a design for each that matched her style perfectly. I then personalized them, some with a first name or initial, some with the family name, and some with both, depending on how I thought she’d use them. It was fun to do, and I can’t wait to hand them out at our Christmas gathering.

Stocking Stuffer IdeasOur note card sets also make nice stocking stuffer ideas, because they are gifts everyone can use. We all wish we had a spare birthday card or get well card on hand for those occasions that take us by surprise. And special stocking stuffer ideas for moms or kids are our little mini note cards, for those times you want to leave a message for someone you love. Just like a handwritten note, the gift of stationery says, “I’m thinking about you.”

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Whose Gift Is It? Gift Wrapping Ideas for Kids

One of the moms here at Pear Tree Greetings used one of our Christmas gift wrapping ideas as a special surprise for her 3-year old daughter. She ordered a set of Christmas gift tags for each of her children, with their photos on them, so that on Christmas morning when her daughter was looking through the gifts under the tree she could easily find the ones meant for her.

“It really added an element of fun and excitement to the morning as we watched her face light up each time she found one.” Their son was old enough to read, so for him the photo on the gift tag was simply for decoration. “Funny thing was, our daughter was just as excited to find gifts for him. She loved being in charge and handing out all the gifts as though she could ‘read’ the tags.” This Christmas gift wrapping idea made for such a nice memory, they are going to do it again this year.

Keep reading our blog for more gift ideas and kids ideas, and be sure to check out our collection of Christmas gift tags, some with photos and some without!

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