7 reasons to keep sending Christmas cards when your kids are all grown up

I’ll admit, sending Christmas cards does get harder as your kids get older. I can think of lots of excuses not to, from lack of photos to lack of funds. But I also think that sending Christmas cards is about more than sharing baby photos.

Best Wishes Spinner Photo Christmas Cards Merry Treescape Horizontal Photo Christmas Cards
1. By sending Christmas cards every year you are teaching your kids the power of connection and showing them that you value meaningful holidays as well as old friendships. You may not think they are watching, but they are. Someday they will think of you when they send their own Christmas cards.

Family photo ideas
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Holiday Checklist: What You Can Be Doing Now

Have you started planning for the holidays? You’ve made travel arrangements, decided who’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner and your Holiday photo cards are ready to mail? Well, consider yourself a superhero because most of us don’t even want to think about the holidays yet. But if you get started on your holiday checklist now, you can eliminate some of the last-minute craziness and stress of the holiday season.

Holiday Planning Checklist
Talk to your relatives.
This may seem obvious, but rather than assuming plans will be the same as last year and that Aunt Susie will be hosting Thanksgiving as usual, you should ask the question and make plans accordingly. And if you are hosting (or can’t this year) let people know now, so they can make plans.

Keep your eyes peeled for deals. Whether you’re setting the Thanksgiving table, trimming the tree or decking the halls, decorating for the holidays takes time, money and planning, especially if you’re young and just starting out. You can be collecting ideas all year long, and keeping a lookout for sale items you can turn into something beautiful.
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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Do you love to create a new theme or color scheme for your Christmas tree each year? Looking for inspiration, we turned to Martha Stuart for this year’s most creative Christmas tree decorating ideas.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
Unbreakable Tree. Curious little hands can’t help but be drawn to the irresistible magic of a Christmas tree. With an unbreakable tree, you can let them explore without worry. Nylon threads provide invisible support for a small tree, which is decorated entirely with easy-to make, kid-proof ornaments.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
Golden Tree. Kevin Sharkey punctuated this 10-foot-high flocked tree with golden glass balls, then added new and vintage glass icicles. Cut felt serves as a tree-skirt-cum-snowdrift.

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Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Christmas cardsIt wasn’t hard to choose this month’s Featured Favorite, because it was already one of our most unique family Christmas card ideas. We love how our customer, Tiffani, added her personal touches to make it even more unique—a greeting that could only come from her family.

Colorful Lights Ribbon Strand Christmas Cards, five vintage Christmas lights personalized with photos or text and strung on a green ribbon, was the perfect choice for her family. “I immediately loved the light bulbs when I saw them and just knew that was it.” This Little Light of Mine is a song she and her boys sing together. Text she had written for her church’s Christmas narration was perfect for the second light bulb.

When looking for family Christmas card ideas, Tiffani says, “I like something different. My formula for a good value includes the uniqueness and quality of an item in the equation. I selected this card because I can use it different ways. It will be my card, the toppers for some of my gifts, and garland on my tree.”

This card does require stringing the lights on the ribbon yourself, and Tiffani is planning to make it a family affair. “When we look back, it comes down to making memories, and lots of times it is the simple little things that we remember. My husband and two boys will make this into a family evening of education, memories, and fun. We will sort and assemble. We also usually each take turns saying things we are thankful about for the year.”

As she says, “It is hard to find a card that plants a seed that is remembered long after Christmas season is passed, and many of your cards have that wow factor that is remembered long after the tree is down.” Thanks, Tiffani! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Get more ideas on how to make addressing and mailing your Christmas cards a family tradition, or see more Featured Favorites by customers like you on our blog.

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