4th of July Party Ideas: Vintage Celebration

Guest post by Molly Suedbeck from Suburban Events (Read her bio below.)

Like many Minnesotans, we enjoy spending our weekends up north at our cabin. With the sun shining and the lake in the background, this became the perfect location for my Fourth of July party.

I decided on Pear Tree Greetings’ Sparkle in the Sky 4th of July Party Invitations. Their patriotic red, white and blue color scheme became the inspiration for the décor and many of my 4th of July party ideas.
4th of July Party Invitations -- Sparkle in the Sky
My backdrop consisted of a leftover pallet, which I transformed into an American flag by using spray paint. This is a great craft project in which the kids can be included as well! My nieces helped paint the stars onto the American Flag pallet and had a blast doing it. Our cabin also has many antiques, which I was able to include within the décor. An old lantern, mason jars, Coca-cola glasses and wooden sewing organizer added the vintage touches that were needed.
4th of July Party Ideas
Keeping with the traditional theme, we served “Juicy Lucy” burgers, corn on the cob, watermelon and baked beans. The burgers were placed in individual wooden brown baskets lined with a colorful napkin. Corn on the cob was displayed on a bright white serving tray using leftover skewers, which can be found at any local grocery store.
4th of July Party Ideas
Pear Tree Greetings also provided an exclusive 4th of July printable, which included food tent labels, mini tooth pick flags, cupcake toppers and a party banner. These are the little details that really make a party come together. While it is great to use them for their intended purposes, I decided to utilize them in different ways. Continue reading

DIY 4th of July Pinwheel

I love creating DIY craft ideas and this pinwheel made from Pear Tree Greetings free 4th of July printable is so fun and adds the perfect touch to any party! Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Materials needed:

Step 1: Print off Pear Tree Greetings free 4th of July printable.
Step 1

Step 2: Glue the backsides of two party flags together and allow them to dry.
Step 2

Step 3: Cut out a square from the paper (you don’t need to be precise).
Step 3

Step 4: Using a scissors, cut from each corner towards the center of the square, stopping approximately ¼” from the center.
Step 4

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Pear Tree Greetings wins LOUIE Award!

As the General Manager for Pear Tree Greetings, I am thrilled to share the news that Pear Tree Greetings has won a 2013 LOUIE Award for our Modern Cheer Photo Christmas Card! A LOUIE Award is to the greeting card world what the Oscars are to the movies. It’s a huge honor.
Pear Tree Greetings wins 2013 LOUIE Award
All of us at Pear Tree are especially proud of our tiny, four-person design team who went up against some of the giants of the industry to take first place in the Announcements & Photo Cards category. I’ve never seen a team work so hard to bring forward the very best in paper engineering, with our unique shapes and modern designs. Our customers inspire our creativity and passion every day and it shows in our products.

Join me in sending a huge congratulations to this amazing team. Please vote for Pear Tree by clicking here and liking the Cheer design. We’d love to hear your comments, too!

Thanks for being our inspiration and our support. We look forward to showing you more award winning designs in the future!

-Stephanie Bottner
General Manager for Pear Tree Greetings

30th Birthday Bash – Beer Tasting Party Ideas

Guest post by Molly Suedbeck from Suburban Events (Read her bio below.)

My husband was turning 30 years old and I wanted to do something a little different than our annual BBQ with friends and family. One of Jeff’s hobbies is brewing his own beer, so I came up with the idea of a beer tasting party! Guests were mailed The Big 3-0 Birthday Party Invitations (sample shown below) and were asked to bring a 6-pack of chilled specialty beer within particular categories that the birthday boy prefers.
30th Birthday Party Invitations -- The Big 3-0
Beer Tasting Party Ideas
The menu consisted of your standard and yummy bar food. Most of my best beer tasting party ideas involved creative ways to display it. I used brown kraft bags to hold the soft pretzel bites, and mini clothespins to close the bags and add some detail. Another great tip is to use small chalk board signs to indicate different dips or food. I’ve found that guests love this because they don’t have to ask you what everything is. Using an apothecary jar, I filled up peanuts and added a pop of color with the bright red popcorn boxes. The best thing you can do when planning a party is utilize all the space you have available (including the drawers)! Of course the table wouldn’t be complete without a great sign and a beer growler filled with wheat stalks.
Beer Tasting Party Ideas
Beer Tasting Party Ideas
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Sending Love Any Time of the Year

While Valentine’s Day may be the usual day to send a love note, I had a different idea this year. I decided to send some love to my family and closest friends by tucking photo strips of my son and his ever-changing faces and poses into a note (I chose Long Distance Love from Pear Tree Greetings). My family and friends enjoyed the randomness of receiving a love note in April, so I wanted to share the idea with you. Below are the steps I did to send some love!
Sending Some LoveSending Some LoveSending Some Love Continue reading

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