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Christmas Card Ideas - Featured Favorite
When it comes to unique Christmas card ideas, we love the way our Christmas Package Tied With Twine Christmas Cards are tied up like a gift, which makes them so fun to open. Eryn, who created this card for her family of four, agrees.

Christmas Card Ideas - Featured Favorite
“One of my absolute favorite designs this year is the baker’s twine with chevron stripes because it’s a simple modern design that our family and friends will be able to interact with when they receive it. I can picture them untying the twine to read our holiday message and see sweet new pictures of our kids, and I know they’ll love the experience of opening our card!”

Christmas Card Ideas - Featured Favorite
Eryn adds that this won’t be the only card they send this year. “Our family sends out about 120 cards every year, and making the cards is one of my personal favorite holiday traditions! We make several different designs and enjoy deciding which card each recipient will like best.” We can’t wait to see her other choices.

For more Featured Favorites and other Christmas card ideas, keep reading our blog! Or start personalizing your Christmas cards today!

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