Spooky Halloween Treat Ideas

We at Pear Tree Greetings LOVE Halloween! Who can resist all the spooky and fun costumes, the parties and, of course, the delicious sweets and treats! We held our second annual Halloween-themed party and wanted to share our latest and spookiest Halloween treat ideas! Enjoy… if you dare…
Spooky Halloween Treat Ideas
Top right: Shelly’s candy corn marshmallows; Bottom right: Dani’s ghastly pear ghosts

Spooky Halloween Treat Ideas
Left: Shelly’s monster meat hand; Top right: Kelsey’s mummy hot dogs; Bottom right: Brianna’s eyeball tortellini salad

Spooky Halloween Treat Ideas
Left: Cathy’s Boogers on a Stick; Right: Michelle’s bloody band-aid treats

Spooky Halloween Treat Ideas
Stephanie’s spider web pizza; Brandon’s vampire chips; Tyler’s skin dip

Spooky Halloween Treat Ideas
Top left: Michelle’s ooey gooey brains; Bottom left: Amy’s pumpkin popcorn balls; Top right: dirt and worms; Bottom right: Devin’s witches’ hats

Spooky Halloween Treat Ideas
And lastly, Christy’s talking Medusa that kept the office entertained the entire day with her creepy (and humorous) sayings.

We hope you enjoyed drooling over our Halloween treat ideas! Check out what we dished up for our first annual Halloween party. What spooky treat are you going to make this year? We’d love to hear your ideas below.

And after Halloween, don’t forget about personalizing this year’s Christmas cards!

Christmas Cards

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