Do’s-and-Don’ts of Graduation Invitations and Announcements

Photo Thank You Card Horizontal -- Striped SuccessDon’t forget to send Graduation Thank You cards!

We see a lot of mistakes and get a lot of questions about graduation announcement etiquette, such as what to include, wording, how many to order, etc. Here’s a list of Do’s-and-Don’ts that may help.

Do – Make an invite list and go over it with your graduate.

Don’t – Order 100 graduation party invites for 100 people. Remember you only need one for each couple, family, etc.

Do – Match both the graduation announcements and invites to the style of your grad and the graduation party theme.

Don’t – Limit yourself to looking at only a few formal options for invites. Graduation invitations are easy to personalize with photos and color choices.

Do – Send invites out at least 4 weeks before the party.

Don’t – Forget graduation address labels, which will make addressing your envelopes oh, so easy.

Do – Request RSVPs 2 weeks before the party.

Don’t – Forget to include a map or directions to the party location.

Don’t – Skimp on the total order of graduation party invites. It’s better to order extra.

Do – Specify if a meal or food will be served.

Do – Include a dress code if the graduation party theme requires one.

Don’t – Forget the graduation thank you cards. In fact, order them when you order the graduation invitations to save time.

Do – Ignore graduation announcement etiquette if it suits your son or daughter’s style. Have fun choosing graduation invitations, but make them your own!

Do – Look for more inspiration and graduation party ideas on our blog!

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