Great Fall Photos: Round One

Did you see Wyatt’s post yesterday on how to take great fall photos? If not, check it out. It definitely inspired me to get Connor outside this morning…even though it was 35 degrees and wet. As you can imagine…Connor was NOT that thrilled to be doing this but he did well once I found him a stick to bang around.

So here’s how this will work. Wyatt, our expert photographer, will give us normal people some ideas, tips and tricks on how to improve our photography skills and take better pictures. I love this. It’s why I bought an SLR…I want better pictures. For me personally, this is not about trying to replace the professionals, because they will ALWAYS take better pictures than me, but it’s for these little occasions and seasons, like Fall, that I want to be able to take better pictures so my scrapbook looks just that much better.

I’m getting off track. Wyatt will post, then I’ll use Connor for practicing whatever Wyatt just taught us, I’ll post those pictures with Wyatt’s critiques and ideas on how I could have done it even better. Cool, huh? I’m excited. I love to learn. Plus someday, someday, I will take my camera off of AUTO.

Enough talk. Here come the pictures.

Fall Photos
This was one of the first I took. I think I changed my flash setting to ‘fill flash’…don’t ask me why, and I have no idea if that’s something I should be doing. Ever.

Fill flash is fine, especially to soften things up a little. Your challenge here was you were a little close to Connor, and your light source (the flash) was right in front of him, so his face has white areas in it. It especially brings out that attractive glob of drool on his chin. Nice job working those colored leaves into your background! -wb


My attempt at getting down on the ground. I don’t love how it turned out, but I do love the leaves on the ground.

I agree – great job changing perspective, and the leaves on the ground are perfect. I’d like to see Connor more off-center, and maybe even laying down with his chin propped up on his hands. You’d get the color in the leaves tighter in with his face. -wb

Fall Photos
So then I just took this shot.

Fall Photos
And this one. (note entrance of stick and somewhat happier little boy)

Fall Photos
Again, love the leaves, but the stick obviously got in my way on this one.

This is a good series that could be slightly stronger if only Connor was a little off center. The rule of thirds is a big one for composition. Split your frame up into vertical and horizontal thirds, then put your subject on one of those dividing lines. Here’s an example of your same stick photo with a little cropping. Connor appears a little closer to the camera so he’s more engaging, and the space to his right gives him a little area to move, at least in our imagination. -wb

Fall Photo

Fall Photos
“Come ON, Mom…what are we doing here? Let’s GO”

Thanks, Wyatt, for the great tips and feeback! Hopefully this photography tip series inspires you just as much as it will me to get out there and take pictures, because, that’s what it’s all about. We’d love to see the photos that Wyatt inspires you to take! Send them to so we can feature some of them on the blog!

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