Featured Favorite: Farm-Themed Kids Birthday Party Ideas

We found this mom, JoAnna, on Instagram when she tagged us in her post sharing that she was excited for her son’s upcoming 2nd birthday party. We loved the Li’l Farmer Twine Package Kids Birthday Invitation she had picked out and wanted to hear her story and see how the party turned out. I think you will agree with us when you see her fun and crafty kids birthday party ideas! We love it.

“As a crafty mommy and love for all things stationery + paper, this was the best invitation set I could ever imagine,” JoAnna shared.
Kids birthday party ideas Kids birthday party ideas

“This was a last minute party planning for me and I searched and searched online and no one had exactly what I was looking for until I saw this farmer set. I jumped right on it for editing and got next business day shipping.” JoAnna personalized each of the three pieces in this invitation set and tied it with the twine to send as a nice package to the guests. (Twine is included with this unique three-piece invitation.)
Kids birthday party ideas

JoAnna carried out the farm theme by also ordering our matching Li’l Farmer Table Decor Kids Birthday Party Decorations to use as food labels.
Kids birthday party ideas

On the day of the party, Li’l Farmer Jaxon had to, of course, dress the part. JoAnna said she got the clothes at Nordstrom and the boots at ChildrenSalon.com. How handsome is he?!
Kids birthday party ideas

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Easy Instagram Christmas Cards

Do you have lots of Instagram photos you love? Show them off by creating Instagram Christmas cards. Pear Tree makes it easy with instant access to all your Instagram photos, and with specially designed mobile-friendly cards that are optimized to display those little square photos beautifully.
Instagram Christmas cards

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What to Wear for Your Family Photos 4

Our first three posts (part 1, part 2, part 3) on what to wear for your family photos have been loved by our fans and followers across our social media channels. So, we wanted to share with you three more style combinations to inspire you as you get ready to personalize this year’s holiday photo cards.

1. Modern Twist. Green is such a classic color during the holidays. But this year give it a unique twist and use touches of lime green in your wardrobe instead of the more traditional color. Lime green matches perfectly with dark blue and charcoal grey to make your family photos stand out on our modern Christmas cards.
What to wear for your family photos
Get this look here.

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Tips for Fabulous Pet Pictures

Pet pictures
Isn’t it adorable when your pet rolls over and is begging for a belly rub, or sits pretty with their tongue hanging out just waiting for you to toss their favorite toy? These are the moments that are worth capturing. Your pets are part of your family, and their irresistible cuteness deserves a special place on your holiday card this year.

My boyfriend and I have two pups, and I am constantly snapping pics of them with their sweet puppy expressions. This year my holiday card will be splashed with puppy photos, since my friends and family love seeing my pups nearly as much as I do. So here’s a few tips, from one pet lover to another, that will help you take fantastic pet pictures to accent this year’s holiday card.

1. Pick a location
Pet pictures
Find a unique building for your pets to sit in front of, a beautiful nature scene or some unique flooring that complements their fur color. Make sure your location isn’t so enticing that it distracts from your furry friend. After all, you’re taking photos of your pet, not the location.

2. Bribery is a must (a.k.a. treats and toys).
You know your pets will do anything for a treat. So when you need them to stop being their usual hyper selves and sit still, don’t be afraid to bribe them with a treat or a favorite toy. Just hold your bribe of choice up next to your camera or balance it on their nose (if your pet can do tricks), and you’ll have their full attention.

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